Why book an in home newborn photography session?

February 24, 2021 In-Home Newborn Photography

Hi there mama bear! Congratulations on the best news in the world! Having a baby is unlike any other milestone we experience in our lives. Growing a life inside our body is a miraculous experience, and one that deserves to be well documented. So why would an expectant mum consider an in-home newborn documentary session?

in home newborn photography session in sydney baby cuddled on the couch with first time parents

In-home newborn photography sessions provide a unique, and honest documentation of your family's transition into a new life with a newborn baby at home. The session has a strong focus on capturing moments of love and connection between all immediate family members (pets included!), and showcases special moments that occur during even the most ordinary of routines. Yes, nappy changes, first baths, and even snuggles in the feeding chair are wonderful opportunities for creating close bonds and some seriously nostalgic photographs.

So what are some of the benefits?

You don't need to leave your home, I come to you!

I know this may not seem like a big deal, but when you're recovering from birth, plus your newborn is calling the shots with a baby-led routine, it can make a huge difference. If your baby is unsettled, tired, or hungry, it's totally fine, we work around their needs on the day, and those moments are pretty beautiful to capture too!

Your session is unique to your family and home

No two sessions will look the same because the environment will be different (and special) for every family. The nursery, the furnishings, the heirloom blanket, the fur babies, the feeding chair, etc. Everything that contributes to the story of connecting with your baby will be considered and captured with intention and care.

Family members are encouraged to be in the photos

Parents, siblings and fur babies anticipate the arrival of their newest family member for months and months throughout the pregnancy, and depending upon the journey towards becoming a parent, that time could be years. So it makes sense that immediate family members would experience these precious moments together.

You can Be yourselves

Styling seems to be the dreaded conversation of most couples who book in sessions. But the beauty of a home session is you can remain true to your usual style, but obviously not 'just rolled out of bed' kind of casual, unless you're after the real gritty, in the trenches, style of documentary storytelling! The aim is to be yourself, whilst still making conscious decisions about your clothing choices. 'Smart casual' and 'timeless' are a few keywords to consider.

The most beautiful moments are often unscripted

If you believe that beauty can be found in everything around you. That in-between, unscripted moments are where genuine emotions live. That your family story is more about togetherness and connection than smiling at the camera, then you are my people and I would be honoured to be your newborn family photographer.

mum and dad in sydney at the change table with newborn baby in home newborn photography session
new parents cuddling their newborn baby by the bedroom window during their in home newborn photography session
newborn baby photo of baby yawning after a feed

But I have questions...

What if my house is a mess? I don't think I can clean the house before you arrive.

Please don't stress about the tidiness of your house. Heck, the last thing on my mind when I had a newborn was the cleanliness of the house - it was survival mode in those first few weeks! Remember the purpose of your in-home newborn session is to capture connections. It is an unfolding of the love story that has begun since welcoming your new baby into your home. A basic tidy of the main spaces that will be photographed is all that's required.

Can my older/younger children participate?

Yes absolutely! Often siblings are super proud to show off their little brother or sister, so sibling photos are definitely encouraged.

I love the idea of an in-home newborn session, but I don't feel like my house is stylish enough.

On my 'about' page you will see a quote that sums up my photography style. "Don't shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like". Whilst a portion of your home is captured in your photos, the main focus will always be on documenting genuine interactions of love, adoration, nurturing, touch, gesture, routines, and the details of your baby. Each image is carefully considered in terms of its ability to tell a story without the use of words, and to make you feel like you could be transported back to this time just by viewing these special moments. So in summary, please don't worry about the 'stylishness' of your home, I tend to move things around on the day so that your home best communicates the beauty and warmth of your newborn love story.

I have no idea what to wear for our in home session. Do you offer styling advice?

Yes absolutely. I have a Welcome Guide that I provide to all my clients, and contained in that guide is a handy section on tips for selecting outfits for your photo session.

How soon do I need to book in our newborn session?

It's best to book in your session during your final trimester. I will reserve your due date for the purposes of securing your booking, however, once you've had your baby, I will reach out to you and finalise a date for your session within the first 2 weeks of your baby's birth.

Will you wrap my baby and take any posed photos?

Wraps and special blankets are absolutely welcome in the session, and I will definitely capture individual photos of your newborn and all their sweet little details.

However if you are looking for specific newborn posing that often features in studio photography, I can recommend some amazing studio based newborn photographers in your area who have specific training in wrapping techniques for this style of photography.

Do you offer 'Fresh 48' sessions?

Yes! In saying that, hospitals are quite strict about the amount of people allowed into your room due to current global issues. However, as we know, rules and restrictions are always changing. It may be a good idea to check in with your Obgyn or midwife to see if these restrictions change around your third trimester.

What are your prices?

You can view my 2021 prices and packages here

I want to ask more questions or book in a session, what's the best way to contact you?

The best way to get in touch is through my contact page. You can access it here

I look forward to capturing sleepy snuggles with you and your little newborn joy soon.

X Nelli