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documenting your transition from maiden to mother

Those sweet little crinkles on their hands and feet. That button nose and pouty lips. The way your baby feels in your arms, their smell, soft cheeks and fine hair. All the tiny details are only tiny for a short time. It is my joy to capture you and your baby in your first few moments or days together with natural, artful and intentional storytelling images that you will treasure forever.

The experience: Why choose Nelli Lau?

Your Vision

Well before I click the shutter button on my camera, we will have taken some time to get into the nitty gritty of the vision you have for your session. Preparing for the transition into motherhood is one of the most important milestones of your life, so it makes sense to consider how you want to have this special time documented.


Preparing to welcome your baby into the world is such a sacred event, so whether you choose to have your pregnancy, newborn or motherhood journey documented at home, or in a natural outdoor setting, your photographs will tell a story of the joy, love, and connection you and your family shared during this special time.

Child Led Sessions

Your newborn lifestyle session is all about capturing the genuine feelings, interactions and routines involved in welcoming your new baby into their home environment. In that respect it is child-led. Your baby may need settling to sleep, a feed, a nappy change, a bath or all of the above. We will always go with the rhythm of your baby on the day.

Session + Styling Guidance

Ensuring that you feel comfortable and completely prepared for your maternity, newborn or family session is my priority. Often the questions, 'how do I prepare?' and 'what do I wear?' comes up, so I have prepared a nifty guide that answers all the common questions, plus gives you a tonne of advice on what to wear so you feel amazing at your session.

Session Props

Capturing moments at home with your newborn baby in a way that represents your family and home environment authentically is my priority, however, I will also have some session props available to use during your session if you wish, such as a woven newborn moses basket, seagrass change basket, throws, wraps, accessories or baby outfits.

Early Childhood Training

Before I began my own family, I studied a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education at Macquarie University. I simply adore working with children, and have done so as a preschool teacher in the not-for-profit sector for over 10 years. I find interacting with young children such a joy, and can adapt to their needs during our session together quite quickly. Let's say I have a few tricks up my sleeve!

Not sure what an in-home newborn session is all about?

Check out the blog post below to learn more...

*Maternity & Newborn sessions are booked during weekdays. To secure your session, a non-refundable session fee of $200 is payable at the time of booking.

Packages start at $600.

Capturing Precious Moments: Documenting your Pregnancy, Birth & Newborn journey

Photographing your newborn will capture the freshness of your emotions.

The first few days of having a newborn baby home will feel so surreal. You have carried this tiny being for nine months inside you, and now they are here—warm, breathing, alive. Somehow, there is a faint air of amazement and disbelief. The fact that you have given birth is yet to sink in, and you still haven’t processed that you have a new member of the family.

The entire family will surely experience heightened emotions during the first few days of having the baby with you. This does not happen every day, and so it will be lovely to have something to remember that beautiful moment.

Your newborn grows faster than you think, and having images that capture how tiny they were are priceless.

Before you know it, your tiny bundle has grown up to be a bouncing baby. A baby grows rapidly during the first few days of their lives. Time flies so fast, and before you know it, your child is already saying their first words. Capturing this moment is like taking a screenshot of this period in your life.

Newborn photos will give your children something to look back on when they grow up.

Looking back on family photos is always a heartfelt experience—you get to reminisce all the memories and relive the moments. 

You may want to document your child during all the stages of their life so that they would have a glimpse of how they grew up. You can tell them anecdotes and funny stories about how they were as a child with those photos. Who knows, they may even show these pictures to their own children, creating a beautiful family tradition by celebrating your legacy.

Choose Nelli For Lifestyle Newborn Photography!

I know how important this moment is to you, because bringing a life into this world that you and your partner created is unlike any other experience you shared, and I want to help you remember all the details of it forever. We are experts in lifestyle newborn photography Sydney, and we have helped numerous families photograph their newborn babies. 

We value your baby’s safety and well-being, and so we can assure you that your baby is safe in our hands. Moreover, we also have high-tech equipment and quality props to take the best shot! For your newborn photography needs, contact us! We are always open to discuss terms and answer your questions. I can’t wait to help capture those lasting memories with your newborn!

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